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Vertical farming is quite simply the future of food. When farming is done in a completely controlled environment, the impact on our planet is significantly smaller than in traditional ways of growing and the productivity is higher.

HG Revolution is the one-stop-shop for vertical farming, and a true turn-key project provider globally. We want your business to succeed. We support you throughout the entire growing process starting from facility design all the way to automated packaging.

With decades of experience in Controlled Environment Agriculture, vertical farming technology development and innovation, as well as planning and designing complete vertical farming operations, HG Revolution is your perfect partner in indoor growing. We take pride in our technology catalogue, with some of the most advanced vertical farming systems in the world. 


Do you want to be part of the HG food Revolution? Bring your vertical farming business ideas and let us take care of the rest.

You have an idea for a vertical farming business, and you have the funding and the space. How do you get started?

Going from the business idea phase to actually planning, designing and building a vertical farm is a huge undertaking, and one you will need help with.

We help with planning the vertical farm facility specifically for your project and the existing space. We help you end-to-end with the vertical farm design, materials and workflows, automation systems such as harvesting, packing, palleting, wrapping, etc., farming unit integration – everything you need to get started

We host a family of proprietary vertical farming systems. HG Revolution is the only true end-to-end turn-key vertical farming solution on the market: We offer an easy solution for every grower, whether they  are a first-time producer or an established operation.


HG revolution acts as a partner throughout the whole project, from the initial design to the installation, commissioning, documentation as well as further maintenance and data analysis. Our systems are scalable from shops & restaurants to industrial scale: Shop front of house cabinets for marketing, compact-size for piloting, industrial sizes for commercial growing, and they all work with any growing media and pots.

HG Leafy Greens are vertical farming system designed specifically for growing, harvesting, and packing lettuce and other leafy greens. If you’re looking to grow lettuce with a high production rate a HG Leafy Green system is a perfect solution for you

HG Herbs are vertical farming systems designed specifically for growing, harvesting and packing potted herbs. Herbs are sensitive plants and it requires a special know-how to create a perfectly optimal growing environment for them. With HG Herbs, you’ll succeed with even these delicate plants.


HG Berry are vertical farming solutions suitable for growing strawberries or other continuous harvest cultivars. The HG vertical farm options utilise all the benefits of controlled environment agriculture such as minimised growing risks. HG Berry systems have it all, there components are elegantly designed to work in perfect harmony. From lighting to irrigation, everything is easily controlled via automation.

2.5x Crop production size

60% Less energy consumption

95% Less water consumption

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