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Meet the...Omega Luna Pro+

Meet the Omega 630W LED Luna Pro+!

If you’re an Eden customer, chances are you love the Luna as much as we do. We’re here to give the lowdown on the more powerful, more efficient, and more resilient version of our bestselling LED grow light.


This new model has an impressive 2.9 µmol/J output, making it one of the most efficient grow lights of its kind. Operating at approximately half the cost of a standard HPS, it’s proof that the best technology should also be friendly on your wallet.

Its “cool running” technology shields plants from harsh heat or scorching. This means it has little impact on your grow room temperature, driving down the cost of cooling equipment too.

Not only that, but the Luna Pro+ has a lifetime of an incredible 50,000 hours - that’s over 11 years on a 12/12 cycle.

Full-spectrum light

The Luna Pro+ uses a fully optimised spectrum of light, making it suitable for all plants at any point in the growth cycle. Full-spectrum light mimics the sun and provides a combination of all colours at all stages of growth.

With a PPF of 1830 µmol/s, it is even more efficient in delivering the kind of light that plants need for photosynthesis and large, healthy yields. The Pro+ gives professional results to growers of any level.

Made for plants, designed for you

We’ve kept some of the features that make the Luna so special: it’s fully dimmable and compatible with up to 200 different kinds of controllers.

Foldable central hinges make it easy to store and transport - so your high-quality setup can go anywhere you do.

What else?

  • 6 fully dimmable 630W diodes;

  • PPF of 1830 µmol/s;

  • 50,000-hour lifetime;

  • Water resistant to IP65 standard;

  • UKCA, RoHS, and CA certified;

  • Stronger than most grow lights on the market.

Available now

You can find the Luna Pro+ right now on our website! You’ll receive everything you need to install it, including:

  • 1x 6-bar LED Fixture;

  • 1x 630W Driver;

  • 1x 5m Power Cable;

  • 2x Rope Ratchets;

  • 4x Hangers.

We hope that you’re just as excited about this new upgrade as we are, and we welcome any enquiries. 420 Grow offers one of the fastest growing ranges of hydroponics equipment in the UK and we’re committed to providing top-quality service.

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