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The HG 2-Tower Farm wall is a compact and efficient vertical farming solution. With two HG Towers, drip irrigation, a submersible pump, nutrients and essential accessories, this farm wall enables you to create a thriving garden in limited space, maximizing your growing potential. 


The 2-Tower HG Farm Wall is a complete vertical farming system designed to bring the benefits of fresh produce into limited spaces. This pack includes all the necessary components to set up a productive and organized vertical garden. 


The centerpiece of the system is the two HG Towers, providing a stable and secure environment for your plants. These towers are made from durable and food-safe materials, ensuring long-lasting performance. The stackable design allows for efficient use of vertical space, perfect for small gardens, balconies or indoor setups. 


The pack includes two PVC gutters, each measuring 24’ in length, serving as a sturdy tower base. These gutters provide stability and support, allowing for easy installation and reliable water distribution. 


The drip irrigation system and the included submersible pump automate the atering process, ensuring consistent moisture levels for optimal plant growth. This setup provides an efficient and controlled irrigation system, promoting healthy root development and nutrient absorption. 


A media pulling hook is included to facilitate the replacement of the growing media, ensuring a smooth operation and easy system maintenance. 


The 2-Tower HG Farm Wall also includes a bottle of Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 8oz nutrients to provide essential elements for healthy plant growth and development. These nutrients promote lush foliage, vibrant colors, and abundant yields. 

 4 Wicking Strips are included to enhance water absorption and distribution within the towers. These strips optimize moisture levels, ensuring plants receive adequate hydration and nutrients. 


Miscellaneous hardware, such as wall mounts, screws and zip ties, are provided for secure installation and stability. 


The 2-Tower HG Farm Wall offers a practical and space-saving solution for anyone looking to grow fresh produce in limited spaces. 




  •       1 x 2-Tower HG Farm Wall
  •       2 x HG Towers
  •       2 x PVC Gutters (24″  in length)
  •       Drip irrigation system
  •       1 x Submersible Pump
  •       1 x Media pulling hook
  •       1 bottle of nutrients. (Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 8oz).
  •       Appropriate number of Wicking Strips (2 per tower)
  •       Miscellaneous Hardware (Wall mounts, Screws, Zipties, etc)




The tools needed for assembly are:


  • A drill
  • Crescent wrench
  • Fasteners specific to your mounting style (e.g. heavy duty screws, drywall anchors, masonry anchors)
  • Scissors (to trim zip ties)


2-Tower HG Farm Wall

PriceFrom £1,142.00
VAT Included
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