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The 5’ HG Tower is a versatile vertical gardening solution. With its durable construction and compact design, this tower housing offers an efficient and space-saving option for growing a variety of plants. Enhance your gardening experience with this reliable and easy-to-use vertical growing system.


Product Details


The HG Tower is a key component of a successful vertical gardening system. This tower housing provides a compact and efficient solution for growing a wide range of plants, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor gardening. 


Each package includes one HG Tower, measuring 5 feet in height, 4 inches in width and 4 inches in depth. The Towers dimensions ensure optimal space utilization, making it suitable for various gardening setups. 


The tower housing is constructed with durable and food-safe materials, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and a safe growing environment for your plants. Its sturdy design allows for stacking multiple towers, maximizing vertical growing space. 


The 5’ HG Tower comes with two EZ Pull Matrix Media inserts, which serve as the growing medium for your plants. These inserts provide excellent root support and nutrient absorption, promoting healthy and robust growth. 


Additionally, the tower includes two starter wicking strips that facilitate efficient water distribution within the tower housing. These wicking strips ensure proper irrigation and prevent waterlogging, creating an optimal growing environment for your plants. 


For added convenience, the package includes one hanging hook. This hook provides a versatile mounting option, allowing you to secure the tower housing in various settings, whether indoor or outdoors. 


With its compact size, durability and easy assembly, the 5’ HG Tower offers a practical solution for vertical gardening enthusiasts, small-scale growers, or anyone looking to maximize their growing space. Embrace the benefits of vertical gardening and experience the joy of cultivating healthy, thriving plants with a 5’ HG Tower. 


 What’s in the Box?


  •       1 ZipGrow™ Tower Housing
  •       2 EZ Pull Matrix Media inserts
  •       2 Starter Wicking Strips
  •       1 Hanging Hook




  •       Height: 5 feet = 152.4 cm Width: 4 inches = 10.16 cm Depth: 4 inches = 10.16 cm


5' HG Tower

PriceFrom £267.95
VAT Included
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