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The 8-Tower HG Farm Wall is a comprehensive and efficient vertical farming system designed to maximize growing space and productivity. The centrepiece of the system is the eight HG Towers, which provide a secure and efficient environment for your plants to grow.  


The system includes two PVC gutters measuring 78.5” in length, providing a stable foundation for the towers. These gutters ensure proper water distribution throughout the system, promoting uniform irrigation and nutrient delivery. 


The drip irrigation system, combined with the submersible pump, automates the watering process, ensuring consistent moisture levels for optimal plant growth. The system is easy to set up and maintain, offering convenience and efficiency. 


To facilitate easy media pulling and maintenance, the kit includes a pulling hook. This tool simplifies the process of replacing growing media and ensures smooth operation of the system. 


The 8-Tower Farm Wall also includes a bottle of Dyna-Gro foliage pro 8oz nutrients, providing essential nutrition for your plants’ growth and development. The kit also includes an appropriate number of wicking strips (2 per tower) to enhance water absorption and distribution within the towers. 


The miscellaneous hardware, such as wall mounts, screws, and zip ties, ensures secure and stable installation of the system, creating a reliable vertical gardening setup. With this set up, you can create a flourishing vertical garden, no matter the size of your space. 


 1 x 8-Tower Farm Wall:


  • 8 HG  Towers
  • 2 PVC Gutters (78.5″ in length)
  • Drip irrigation system
  • Submersible Pump
  • Media pulling hook
  • 1 bottle of nutrients. (8oz )
  • Appropriate number of wicking strips (2 per tower)
  • Miscellaneous hardware (Wall mounts, screws, zipties, etc)


FlexiPlugs are sold separately.




The tools needed for assembly are:


  • A drill
  • Crescent wrench
  • Fasteners specific to your mounting style (e.g. heavy-duty screws, drywall anchors, masonry anchors)
  • Scissors (to trim zip ties)


8-Tower HG Farm Wall

PriceFrom £1,399.99
VAT Included
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