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All Hellion VS3 LED fixtures incorporate 3K + 5K white diodes with 660nm Reds to produce a rich baseline full spectrum. Other “full spectrum” LEDs often use just one white diode type mixed with 660nm Reds and stop there. Combining our rich base (3K + 5K + 660nm) with Far-Red and UV-A diodes delivers a superior quality light, driving increased levels of photosynthesis and promoting higher quality crops

Adjust-A-Wings 1000W 10-Bar Hellion LED

VAT Included
    • Quality LEDs (50,000hr rated)
    • Samsung LMH301H 3K – 5K
    • Osram 660 Red + 730 IR
    • Seoul 295 UV
    • PPF 2700umols
    • PPE 2.7umols
    • Input Current 3.78amp
    • Input Power 1000w
    • Fixture Dimensions 1120mm x 1120mm x 106mm
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