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The all new Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 multi-channel LED brings higher system efficiency along with spectrum and intensity control throughout the plant lifecycle.


With four cutting-edge, high intensity LED fixtures (250W, 510W, 700W, 1000W) the Adjust-A-Wings brand ensures that decades of lighting know-how stand behind these highly innovative, LED grow lights.


Multi-Driver Control and Efficiency


Dedicated drivers for veg, bloom and UV unlock new levels of efficiency, performance and spectral control.


Huge Performance


Top of their class in both performance (PPF/BPF) and efficiency (PPE/BPE).


3 Channel Adjustable Spectrum


Fully adjustable spectrum across the three channels (veg, bloom and UV). Now you can dial in your lighting to the exact needs of your plants growth stage for the very best results!


Premium Brand Dioides


Not 1, not 2, but 5 of some of the very best diodes currently available. Samsung LM301h 3k and 5k, Osram 660nm Red, Osram 730nm Far Red, Seoul 395 UB. All rated at 50000hr.


Extended Full Spectrum


360 - 780nm PAR with UV-A, Near Blue, Far Red and Infra Red.


Even Footprint


Each LED bar has its own micro reflector for controlled light distribution, improved intensity, deeper penetration and even coverage.


How To Use


We recommend hanging your lights 45-60cm from your canopy, however all models can be operated at 30-45cm if dimmed to 75% or less. Each fixture will provide an even square footprint as detailed below:


250w - 75cm x 75cm


510w - 100cm x 100cm


700w - 120cm x 120cm


1000w - 150cm x 150cm


All Hellion VS3 LEDs are equipped with 3x independent channels (veg, bloom and UV) for complete spectral diversity and control. The VEG channel is full spectrum light, rich in blue. BLOOM is also full spectrum and is rich in red and far red. UV provides UV-A and near blue for a superior finish! This enables the grower to fine tune their lighting to the exact requirements of their plants throughout the different stages of growth.

Adjust-A-Wings 700W 8-Bar Hellion LED

VAT Included
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