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The ultimate choice for DE-HPS and DE-CMH lamps, this reflector’s unique design combines strength and accuracy (titanium oxide outer layer) with brute reflective force (PVD spine and Super Spreader) to create a DE reflector of unmatched performance and versatility. No other DE reflector manages the heat produced by high output DE lamps so effortlessly and no other DE reflector can be placed as close to the canopy without sacrificing coverage or overheating the foliage.


The adjustable double-parabolic construction produces broad and uniform light distribution patterns over a range of distances between the lamp and plant canopy. The open-ended design allows air to flow around the lamp and heat to rise while the Super Spreader takes care of excess radiant heat for close proximity placement without overheating delicate tips or flowers!

Adjust-A-Wings Defender DOUBLE ENDED Reflector Medium

VAT Included
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