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After extensive research, the team at Advanced Nutrients developed their Revive formula. Revive ensures plants survive and rejuvenate when they are in trouble.


Revive is an easy to use formula that works with all types of gardens and can be added to nutrient solutions or used in a foliar spray.


First Aid Kit for Plants


The proprietary formula rushes highly-chelated iron, zinc, calcium, nitrogen and other crucial nutrients directly into plant’s cells to give them the maximum healing power they need.


  • Rejuvenating substances race into your roots, pumping them full of healing nutrition.
  • They thrust up into stems and leaves, then flood them with nutrients.
  • New flowers and buds bloom and current flowers plump up juicy and larger than ever.


Even if users are not facing an emergency right now, remember, it pays to be safe and they should get a supply of Revive as quickly as possible. Think of it as a first aid kit for plants.

Advanced Nutrients Revive

PriceFrom £22.00
VAT Included
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