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Easy irrigation system maintenance.

ATA Clean is a cleaning product which ensures your irrigation system stays fully functional. It prevents and cleans residue, making it water-soluble again so it is easily discharged with the water feed.

Although ATA Clean has a relatively high PK value on the bottle, it is not considered as a fertilizer. As the dosage is so low, the nutrients in the product have very little effect on the plant itself. Other nutritional products usually contain water-soluble metallic nutrients and ions such as iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium. These eventually form sediments in the irrigation system. The substances in ATA Clean will bond with these metallic nutrients and break down the crystals and flakes so they are easily flushed away. ATA Clean is harmless to plants and the environment.

Especially suitable for

ATA Clean is a universal nutrient, suitable for different kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants like rosemary, tarragon, anthurium, celosia, etc.
The required dosage can be measured to meet the needs of individual plants or crop.


Especially for use in tap water. Add to every nutrition preventively. Prepare the basic nutrition and correct the pH (5.5-6.5), if necessary. Leave the basic nutrition alone for a while, then add ATA Clean. The product can be used both preventatively and curatively.


0.1 ml per litre of water.

Atami ATA Clean

PriceFrom £92.95
VAT Included
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