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Ata Coco Max A & B is at the basis of fine growing results on cocos. It is a professional and fast working nutrition that provides a stable and biological equilibrium of the cocos substrate. Ata Coco Max A & B contains all the necessary fertilizers for an optimum growth and flowering pattern. This makes Ata Coco Max A & B suitable for the entire lifecycle of the plant.



The nutrition can only be used when Ata Coco Max nutrition A & B are simultaneously mixed together in water. Ata Coco Max nutrition A & B should never be mixed together purely! Use water at room temperature (21 °C) for the best results.


Growing tip

In addition to Ata Coco Max A & B the use of bio-stimulators is recommended.

Atami ATA Coco Max A+B

PriceFrom £35.95
VAT Included
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