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All-natural ingredients

This Atami product uses entirely natural components and is safe to use for both garden and grower.


Super-concentrated formula

Depending on required dosage, the product offers between approximately 250-350 uses. Its ultra-high concentration makes it a cost-effective and easy-to-store option for more experienced growers who can adjust quantities according to the plant's NPK needs.


Where to use Atami B'Cuzz Coco A&B?

B'Cuzz Coco A&B can be used for both indoor and outdoor potted and garden bed plants.


How to use Atami B'Cuzz Coco A&B?

A&B are designed to complement each other and should always be used together. To use, mix the A&B formulas and dilute in room-temperature water. Concentration varies depending on stage of plant growth. Each formula should be used for approximately 9 weeks as follows:


Weeks 1-2:0.5-1ml of A&B per litre

Weeks 3-4:1-2ml of A&B per litre

Weeks 5-9:2-3ml of A&B per litre


It is recommended that bio-stimulators are used alongside B'Cuzz Coco A&B.



Atami B'cuzz Coco A&B

PriceFrom £41.95
VAT Included
  • This fertiliser is a strong base for a variety of plants and is incredibly versatile. It can be used both in grow rooms and outdoors, and helps to maximise growth throughout the plant cycle from the vegetative stage until the end of flowering.

    Because it is a coconut substrate formula, it has all the nutrient benefits that coco peat offers. Coco products are naturally high in potassium and also contain zinc and iron which are responsible for enzyme function and colour of plants. However, coco peat alone can be low in calcium content. BCuzz Coco A supplements the calcium needed and makes sure that plants have enough to hold together cell walls and remain strong. Coco B is rich in phosphorus which is a primary nutrient and essential for overall plant health.


    • Versatile base fertiliser;

    • Suitable for entire growth cycle;

    • Can be used indoors and outdoors;

    • Supplements the calcium lacking in coco peat;

    • Super concentrated;

    • Can vary A&B nutrients levels as needed.

  • Brand: Atami

    Capacity: 5L

    NPK value: 6-0-6 (A), 1-5-7 (B)


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