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Add extra length to your AutoPot system…the possibilities are endless! This flexible 30m pipe gives more than enough to expand your growing setup. 


Grow your system

All of the AutoPot module kits come with just the right amount of tubing. However, you’ll need to purchase it separately for the individual standard or XL pots. 


It’s also ideal if you’re operating in a larger grow space or looking to expand your automatic watering system. Use the tubing to add extra plants to your grow room - or just to create a little more space to move. 


Accessorise, acessorise, accessorise

Use alongside the AutoPot accessories for versatile, tailored nutrient lines. 


They’re easy to swap out to meet your plants’ needs, and make a far cheaper solution than buying entirely new systems from competing brands.


Attach two lengths, create a corner, or link your garden hose using the AutoPot connectors. 


Temporarily shut off your nutrient supply line with the End Stops. You can even add an in-line tap to control the water supply to individual plants. 


Flexible and durable

You’re guaranteed high quality with AutoPot. This tubing is robust enough to withstand the great outdoors and will remain a staple in your automatic feeding system for years to come. 


It’s flexible and can be shaped to suit your custom setup with no kinks, splits, cracks, or permanent bending. 


Its bright blue colour also means it’s easy to spot and won’t get lost in a sea of plants! 


How to use AutoPot 16mm Hose Pipe Roll?

Attach anywhere in your AutoPot system for additional length! 


If your equipment currently uses 9mm tubing, the 9mm Hose Pipe Roll may be more suitable.


Alternatively, you can use a 16 - 9mm Filter to attach your two different pipes. 


Why choose AutoPot 16mm Hose Pipe Roll?

  • Adds extra length to your automatic watering system;

  • Use to connect additional modules, taps, or accessories;

  • Compatible with 16mm AutoPot equipment;

  • Flexible for easy shaping;

  • Durable for long-lasting outdoor use. 


AutoPot 16mm Hose Pipe 30m Roll

VAT Included
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