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AutoPot 9mm Top Hat Grommet

The Top Hat Grommet forms a watertight seal around the opening of your tank and allows you to connect 9mm tubing from your automatic watering system. 


Compatible with 1-6 Pot Systems

The grommet’s 9mm fitting makes it compatible with 30L and 47L reservoirs. These are suitable for use with AutoPot systems between 1 and 6 pots. 

All 30L and 47L FlexiTanks now come with a Top Hat Grommet built in - however, it’s perfect if you’re using an older reservoir or you’d like to keep a spare on hand. 


How to use AutoPot 9mm Top Hat Grommet?

Push the grommet into the hole in your FlexiTank (before filling it!). Thread your 9mm tubing through this hole. 

If you’re using a 30L or 47L tank, you can attach a 9mm Golf Filter to the tubing and grommet from the inside. 


Why choose AutoPot 9mm Top Hat Grommet?

  • Watertight grommet for the FlexiTank and FlexiTank Pro;

  • 9mm diameter;

  • Ideal as a replacement or spare;

  • Allows growers to attach tubing from the AutoPot watering system.



AutoPot 9mm Top Hat Grommet

VAT Included
    • Brand: AutoPot

    • Product Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20mm

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