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The Black Orchid Silent Hybrid-Flo Fan combines Axial and Centrifugal technology and is ideal for ventilation systems that require powerful airflows and low noise levels. Available in a range of sizes.


Black Orchid Silent Hybrid Flo Fan

The Silent Hybrid-flo is a variant of the Hybrid-flo, enclosed in a specially designed, sound-insulated polymer-coated steel casing. The hybrid impeller and acoustic chamber result in impressively low noise levels, whilst moving high volumes of air.


Its compact design makes Silent Hybrid-flo an ideal solution for mounting in limited spaces that demand big airflows and low noise. 


Silent Hybrid-flo features a 2-speed switch, enabling the user to easily select the high or low speed.


Hybrid-flo is also compatible with an external speed controller for full and smooth speed control. 


Key Features


  • The hybrid impeller and aerodynamic casing result in impressive air flow levels.
  • The inner perforated casing and sound-absorbing material provide sound attenuation in a broad frequency band.
  • Supplied with 1.8m power cable and fitted UK or EU plug.
  • Protection rating IPX4 and equipped with overheating protection.
  • Includes mounting brackets.
  • Blauberg German Motor.

Black Orchid Silent Hybrid Fan

PriceFrom £168.00
VAT Included
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