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Ecolizer Bugs-Away fights harmful insects in a biological way that is highly effective. Repels pests like red spider mite, greenfly, trips and whitefly. Also effective against larvae and mature red spider mite, that disappear both through the contact with the plant and by absorption of the repellent. Resistant red spider mite can also be repelled very well with this product.


Ecolizer Bugs-Away is based on a combination of potassium salts and fatty acids. Fully biodegradable and leaves no residue of the leafs. Moreover Ecolizer Bugs-Away reinforces and vitalizes your plants and turns the leafs greener. Ecolizer Bugs-Away is a contact liquid. Insects that are not sprayed on, will not die. We recommend that you do not use Ecolizer Bugs-Away in direct sunlight. A trial spray is also recommended. Both for curative and preventive use.


Preventive: 1 x per week from the start of the cycle until the time of flower forming.


Curative: 2 x per week.


In case of a serious plague: 3 x per week.


Use 10ml to 20ml to 1L water. Moisten the upper and lower side of the leafs well.

Ecolizer Bugs Away 500ml

SKU: N00033
VAT Included
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