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Fluctuations in pH are unavoidable, due to hard water or the natural cycle of soluble nutrients. Emerald Harvest pH Up gives a quick step-up.


This weak base buffer fixes imbalances in nutrient solutions and hydroponic systems, keeping plants under stable conditions. When the pH becomes too acidic (low),  simply add the required amount of pH Up to bring your reservoir into its ideal range. 


The formulation is gentle enough not to harm the substrate and only needs a small amount to serve its purpose. With a steady pH, plants can grow without stress and are less susceptible to deficiencies or “locking out” of available nutrients. 


Fast, gentle correction

The Emerald Harvest range is fully buffered and growers should rarely have problems with fluctuations if used correctly. 


However, should levels fall too low, a small amount of pH Up will increase the pH in seconds. 


No stress to plants

Correcting your pH too strongly or suddenly could lead to just as much damage. Plants can become stressed by unexpected changes. 


pH Up uses a weak alkaline base to quickly, but gently, bring levels to their appropriate range. 


Unlike stronger solutions, it is friendly to the root system and surrounding beneficial bacteria. 


How to use Emerald Harvest pH Up?

Apply a very small amount at a time. Stir thoroughly and take a reading after each application until the nutrient solution reaches the required level. 


For most hydroponically grown plants, the ideal pH range is between 5.5 and 6.5. 


Take extreme caution when using this product as it can cause severe skin burns and eye damage. It is recommended that users wear appropriate protective equipment such as gloves, an apron, splash goggles, and a vapor respirator. The substance is harmful if swallowed. 


pH Up may also be corrosive to metals.


Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. 


Where to use Emerald Harvest pH Up?

Use in any growing media where the pH is too low (acidic). This is generally identified by a pH reading under 5.5. Plants may show:


  •  Brown spots;

  • Tissue necrosis;

  • Chlorosis (where the leaf veins remain green but the rest of the leaf turns yellow);

  • Leaves that are tinged red or purple in colour. 


These may be signs of other common plant diseases, so it is always best to conduct a pH test before attempting to correct levels. 


Mix into your usual nutrient solution and apply during your usual watering routine. 


Why choose Emerald Harvest pH Up?


  • Premium pH corrector;

  • Increases soil and hydroponic solution that is too acidic;

  • Restores pH balance in seconds;

  • Low risk of stress to plants;

  • Friendly to surrounding microbial life;

  • Only a small amount needed. 


Product Specifications:


  • Brand: Emerald Harvest

  • Active Ingredient: Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash (30-35%))

  • pH: 12

Emerald Harvest pH Up

PriceFrom £26.00
VAT Included
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