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Turn Your Wall Into a Grocery Store!


Complete your 5-foot indoor vertical farming package and grow leafy greens and herbs all year long with the HG Farm Wall LED Light Kit.


The LED light kit includes:


  • 1 x Black anodized adjustable light brackets; overall measurement from wall = 12 inches to 19.5 inches, adjustable distance from tower face to light = 5 inches to 12 inches
  • 1 x 48" LED Strip Light HO 6400K (48W)


The HG Farm Wall LED Light Kit includes one light. Additional towers require the following number of light strips:


  • 2 x Tower Farm Walls require 1 x Farm Wall Light Kit
  • 4 x Tower Farm Walls require 2 x Farm Wall Light Kits
  • 8 x Tower Farm Walls require 4 x Farm Wall Light Kits


NOTE: lighting is ultra-important for plant production; for greater, faster production, we encourage one light per tower. Feel free to start with one light for two towers, and if you’re not seeing the growth you want, add more lighting.

HG Farm Wall LED Lighting Kit

PriceFrom £529.00
VAT Included
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