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This Full LED HG Grow Kit Bundle 1 gives you a complete start up bundle to set you on your way to growing your own Beautiful Flowers.


The Full LED HG Grow Kit Bundle 1 contains the following items :-

1 x Canna Coco Natural 50L Plt-70

1 x Luxx Ultra 100cm x 100cm x 200cm

1 x Lumatek ATS 300W Pro

1 x Wilma 11L x4 Plastic Pot System

1 x Mammoth TT Twin Speed Inline Fan 4" 165m3/h - 198m3/h

1 x Vortex 4'' Combi Ducting 102mm x 10m

1 x Grow Gadgets Ph-Pro Meter

1 x Carbon Garden Filter 4'' (100mm x 400mm)

1 x Grow Gadgets Hygrometer With Probe

1 x Heavy Duty Timer

1 x 4 Socket Extension Lead 2m Cable

1 x Vortex 4'' Jubilee Worm Drive Clamp

1 x Grow Tools Rope Ratchet Set 1/8''


Full LED HG Grow Kit Bundle 1

SKU: WX_2FD01F49
VAT Included
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