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Gold Label HydroCoco is a fast-draining, unrestrictive media designed uniquely for hydroponic systems. The 60/40 formula is exceptional in that it provides the benefits of both coco and clay. 


Prevents root rot 


Highly porous substrates like Gold Label HydroCoco drain more efficiently than standard substrates - and this is worth watching in hydroponic systems. 


Excess water can cause roots to rot, and in extreme cases will drown a plant entirely.


Rotten roots are unable to take in nutrients and water efficiently, even if both are readily available. 


HydroCoco is a mix of clay pebbles and coco coir - both highly porous substrates that drain unwanted water, while leaving air for roots to breathe. 


Have it your way


Gold Label HydroCoco purposely does not include additional nutrients, allowing growers to add their own for their plants’ specific needs. We understand that every garden is different - so you can stick with the fertilisers that work for you. 


Drains excess water, boosts nutrient retention 


The winning combination of coco coir and clay pebbles makes it especially suited to hydroponics.


Coco is highly absorbent and retains all the water and nutrients a plant needs. On the other hand, clay pebbles provide optimum conditions for drainage of excess or stale solution. 


This is truly a “best of both worlds” scenario in that surplus water is transported away from the roots, reducing irrigation time and steadying pH levels. At the same time, the aerated structure provides the conditions for optimum root strength and greater, healthier  yields down the line. 


How to use Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40?


Gently pour the coir into pots and make sure it is distributed evenly. Try not to squash or compact the HydroCoco, as it will reduce the amount of oxygen that can move through. 


We recommend that you weigh pots between irrigations to prevent over- or under-watering. Plants will feed less often with HydroCoco, so it is recommended that you test pots before watering. You should expect to water plants once they have dropped to approximately half of their fully-watered weight. 


Gold Label 60/40 45L

VAT Included
    • Brand: Gold Label

    • Capacity: 50L

    • Ingredients: Clay pebbles (60%), coco coir (40%)

  • Gold Label HydroCoco holds an RHP certification, meaning that the coco has been carefully cleaned and buffered to remove all contaminants. With an EC of less than 0.6, the substrate is almost totally neutral. Combined with the fact that it contains no additional nutrients, it provides a perfect foundation for growers to add any of their preferred fertilisers.  


    • Premixed hydroponic substrate;
    • 60% clay pebbles, 40% coco;
    • Ideal for Flood & Drain and other pot-based hydroponics systems;
    • Prevents root rot;
    • Prevents overwatering;
    • Improves drainage;
    • No additional nutrients;
    • Reduces frequency of feeding;
    • RHP and Kiwa certified
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