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Grow Tools 8 Layer Dry Rack comes equipped with removable layer clips for users convenience. Designed to eliminate mould and fungal growth to achieve the perfect aeration during a harvest.


Grow Tools 8 Layer Dry Rack


Dry out all fruits quickly and efficiently with Grow Tools Eight-Layer Dry Rack. This is an ideal tool for a hydroponic set up as it can be set up anywhere.




It has 8 detachable layers for differing amounts of produce, and after use, it conveniently collapses down to be easily stored. 


Non-absorbant mesh material


Consisting of a fine, non-absorbent mesh material, this Six-Layer Dry Rack allows for consistent airflow which aids the drying process and will also prevent issues from developing such as fungal growth and mould. 




Grow Tools 8 Layer Drying Rack is truly an essential piece of indoor gardening equipment.

Grow Tools Dry Rack 8 Layer

VAT Included
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