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The Growth Technology Nitrozyme nutrient is an extremely focussed extract derived from sea plants. It includes a huge collection of natural growth enhancers, micronutrients, and bio-stimulants. This gives a boost to any plant from seedlings and cuttings as well as plants just going into flower.


Growth Technology's Nitrozyme


Growth Technology's Nitrozyme is an entirely natural product that boosts plant growth speed carefully and consistently. Nitrozyme can be used on seedlings, cuttings, young plants, and vegging plants. It helps get cuttings and seedlings off to a great start and reduces the time before your plants are ready for flowering. Nitrozyme is available in multiple sizes including 100ml, 300ml, 1L, and 5L.


Key Features


• Growth booster for almost any plant

• Completely safe

• Made from natural sea extracts

• Contains growth enhancers, micronutrients, and bio-stimulants

• Can be used as a root-feed or a foliar spray

• Perfect for use with other Growth Technology additives & boosters

• Multiple sizes available

Growth Technology Nitrozyme

PriceFrom £23.00
VAT Included
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