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The latest addition to the MODULAR family, the Pyramid 100.


100cm wide

100cm deep

100cm high

100 plants!!!!


Double your culture surface while keeping the same floor area!!! 100% Modular


The aero hood of the PLATINUM Pyramid is equipped with 12 rotating sprayers to deliver the nutrient solution to the roots, and offers an extremely comfortable space for the development of the root mass.


1m² floor = culture 2m²


The tank PLATINUM MODULAR 2m² (2m x 1m) , allows you to go even further and cultivate a 4m space on 2 pyramids (2m² on the ground), in addition to all the usual configurations MODULAR hydro and aero.

Platinum Pyramid 100 Aeroponic Planter - 100cm x 100cm x 100cm

VAT Included
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