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The HortiCare Nutrient Check tester is specially designed for the checking of nutrient concentration used for hydroponics.  The HortiCare Nutrient Check is simple to use yet offers good accuracy.  Nutrient Concentration is one of the key factors to successful hydroponics. The wrong concentration will not only retard growth but can also kill the plant.  Electro Conductivity measurement generally done by professional and commercial growers is now made easily available with this economical yet good quality HortiCare Nutrient Check tester.

Horticare Nutrient Tester

SKU: A00055
VAT Included
  • 3 units of measurement
    Displays reading in EC or cF or TDS.

    Easy Calibration
    Effortless calibration when buttons are activated.

    Auto-End Point
    The tester automatically senses a stable end-point reading and freezes it for recording.

    Beep Function
    The tester beeps at every press of the button and beeps on every completed function and end-point reading.

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