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House & Garden Cocos A&B

Growing in coco? House & Garden Cocos A&B provides a specially-formulated base.


This liquid nutrient solution contains Eddha-Fe (Iron) to prevent acidic damage, as well as humic and fulvic acids to boost yields and maximise plant strength.


Complements coco coir

Coco is a popular choice amongst growers due to its versatility and low maintenance. It is excellent at absorbing nutrients and retaining moisture, and is naturally resistant to bacteria and fungi. Coco has an almost neutral pH, meaning it does not interfere with other additives in the substrate. 


Those looking for a tolerant, breathable material opt for coco. However, plants still require additional feeding to reach their highest potential. 


House & Garden Cocos A&B provides the base needed for superior growth. Its nutrients are specifically tailored to coco, with lower potassium (K) levels to compensate for the high level that coco coir releases during plant growth. 


Prevents acid damage and boosts yields

Eddha-Fe is a water-soluble form of iron chelate, responsible for regulating the pH level of soils.


While coco is fairly neutral, growing materials can become acidic for a variety of reasons. Preventing acidic damage early is always preferable!


House & Garden Cocos A&B can help mitigate the effects of acid rain and other causes of soil acidity, such as organic matter decay. 


The mix also contains humic and fulvic acids, two substances proven to stimulate root matter growth. Users can expect taller, stronger, and heavier plants - and higher yields as a result. 


How to use House & Garden Cocos A&B?

This nutrient mix is designed to take plants from seed, all the way through the vegetative and flowering stages: 

  • Use approximately 2mls each of A and B for cuttings and seedlings;

  • Use approximately 2-3mls each of A and B for the vegetative stage;

  • Use approximately 3-4mls each of A and B for the flowering stage.


Begin with an EC of approximately 1.2, and progress until you reach an EC of approximately 2.0 by the end of the bloom stage. Other flowering stimulators may be added if required at this point. 


As with most A&B substances, do not mix prior to diluting: this will cause a chemical reaction to occur and the substances may not produce their best results. Add the A and B liquids individually into the water. 


Once mixed and diluted, apply as stated through the seedling, vegetative, and/or flowering stage(s) for accelerated growth and larger yields of fruits and flowers. In the final week of the flowering stage, just use water.


Where to use House & Garden Cocos A&B?

House & Garden Cocos A&B is formulated for the unique properties of growing in coco coir. It may be used in any indoor or outdoor setting where coco is used, including but not limited to: flower beds, hanging baskets, and in greenhouses, grow tents, and hydroponic settings. 


Coco is a highly versatile substance and House & Garden Cocos A&B reflects this. It may be used with all forms of coco coir growing mediums, from coco peat to mulch, liners, and moulded pots. 


Why choose House & Garden Cocos A&B?

House & Garden Cocos A&B recognises the unique advantages of  growing in coco, and complements them for total ease of use. The solution can be used throughout all stages of the growth cycle: not only is it almost effortless for growers, but plants will thrive with consistent nutrition. 


The mix may also be combined with other additives and bloom boosters for even more impressive results. Try pairing Cocos A&B with House & Garden Bud XL in the flowering stage, or with Roots Excelurator during vegetative growth. 


  • Two-part liquid nutrient solution for coco;

  • Boosts root growth;

  • Increases nutrient uptake;

  • Prevents acid damage;

  • Use all the way through the growth cycle;

  • Can be combined with boosters in the flowering stage.

House & Garden Coco A & B

PriceFrom £30.00
VAT Included
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