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IONIC Soil Bloom

IONIC’s gentle, 1-part nutrients couldn’t be easier for beginners to use. This expert blend helps plants to thrive in soil, producing large and vibrant fruits and flowers.


IONIC products contain gentle mineral salts instead of harsh chemicals and help substrates to maintain a highly stable pH.


Formulated for soil

Now available in separate formulas for Grow and Bloom, each is precisely tailored to support plants through their respective stages of growth. Soil Bloom is a high-quality NPK fertiliser made to facilitate photosynthesis, strengthen plants, and support large fruits and flowers during blooming.


Increases nutrient uptake

Soil is full of nutrients - however, that doesn’t mean your garden is reaping the benefits. No matter how abundant a substance is, problems with absorption mean it will not reach your plant.


Like the rest of the Grow and Bloom range, this expert blend is made with chelating agents, which bond to accessible nutrients and break them into smaller pieces that a plant can absorb. It also contains natural mineral salts as an alternative to harsh chemical fertilisers. 


How to use IONIC Soil Bloom?

Use 7ml per litre of water and mix well. Use in soil-grown plants throughout the flowering stage. 


All IONIC nutrients are designed to keep pH stable for optimum plant health and ease of growing.


However, EC should be monitored: we recommend that it is kept to a level of 1.5. 


Why choose IONIC Soil Bloom?


  • 1-part nutrient mix for use in soil;

  • Stabilised pH to limit plant stress;

  • Nitrogen to support large yields;

  • Developed for the flowering stage;

  • Enriched with complex organic plant acids;

  • Ideal for beginners;

  • Easy-to-use formula. 

IONIC Soil Bloom

PriceFrom £22.00
VAT Included
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