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Loadstar Digital Euro Kit 600W 


Loadstar Digital Ballast is not the same as any ordinary dimmable ballasts.  This software controlled, variable output ballast has been specially designed to give the most selective growers the ultimate versatility and performance from a single lighting system.  This super cool, super-efficient, fully adjustable digital ballast will run 660W super lumen, 600W, 400W and 250W settings and features super lumen technology that increases the ballasts output for maximum lamp performance.  Reduce the output of your lamp when not so much power is needed.  For example, running the 600w lamp you can reduce the output to 250w, 400w or boost it to Super Lumen 660w.  Boost the output of your lamp using super lumen feature.  This allows the output of the ballast 600W lamp to be increased by approximately 10% delivering maximum lamp performance.


600W Loadstar Dimmable Digital Ballast


  • No need to change the 600w lamp on any setting!
  • 10% Extra super lumen technology
  • Completely silent operation 
  • Soft start 
  • 30% more efficient than standard magnetic ballasts.
  • For use with high pressure sodium (HPS) & metal halide (MH) lamps
  • 12 month warranty


600W Loadstar Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp


  • Dual spectrum grow and flower lamp
  • 95,000 lumens 
  • Lifetime is 24,000 hours
  • Fits E40 fitting


Load Star Euro Reflector with 5M Cable


The Loadstar Euro Reflector is our most popular reflector thanks to its affordability. The Euro Reflector has a simplistic design – open ended with wide spread and made from incredibly reflective anodised aluminium, with the wiring at the back of the reflector housed in a sturdy junction box. These features result in fantastic plant growth making it a very popular choice.

Loadstar Digital Euro Kit 600W

VAT Included
    • Loadstar Euro Reflector
    • Loadstar 600W Dual Spectrum Lamp
    • Loadstar 600W Digital
    • Dimmable Ballast
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