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Protect floors and carpets from drips and spillages with Luxx White Floor Secure Sheeting!


Luxx White Floor Secure

Created to save growers from the worry of water damage to their floors, this high-quality Floor Secure Sheeting is a non-ripping, heavy-duty plastic sheeting perfect to secure any floor against drips and spillages.


Key Features


  • Very wide width for easy covering of large floor areas
  • Tough, tear-resistant and hard-wearing
  • Great value-for-money
  • Made from a non-gassing plastic
  • Protects floors from drips and spillages


Boxed Product Data 4m x 25m x 200mu


  • Brand: Luxx
  • Height: 102
  • Length: 19
  • Width: 19


Luxx White Floor Secure 4m x 25m x 200mu

VAT Included
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