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Magic Nutrients

Abracadabra, alakazam…make yields as big as you can! Magic rapidly increases flowering for larger, brighter blooms. 


Work smarter, not harder

Magic limits a plant’s ability to grow…don’t stop reading!


Instead of working on growing taller, Magic redirects plants’ energy into blooming and helps them to produce large, colourful flowers. 


Helps plants support large yields

Not only does this allow more precious time for flower growth, but it keeps plants healthier in the long run. Taller plants can struggle to support large yields and are more likely to stretch or droop. 


Plants with a short but strong structure - like those grown with Magic - won’t be damaged by bigger yields. 


Powerful formula

This powerful synthetic mix helps ornamental plants to flourish. It contains tried-and-tested compounds, producing results that are none other than magic. 


Cost-conscious growers will love its high concentration (1:200). 


How to use Magic Nutrients?

Dilute Magic at a rate of 0.5ml per litre and mix thoroughly. Apply throughout weeks 5-7 of the flowering stage. 


Why choose Magic Nutrients?


  • Synthetic yield booster.
  • Increases size and quantity of flowers.
  • Enhances plants’ natural colours.
  • Stops plants from drooping and stretching.
  • Highly concentrated.
  • Helps plants support large yields.
  • Increases flowering sites.
  • Suitable for ornamental plants.
  • Suitable for use with any irrigation system.

Magic Nutrients

PriceFrom £59.00
VAT Included
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