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An essential kit for those just starting out, or for growers looking to update their hydroponics setup in one impressive go. We’ve considered top quality and noise reduction when putting this together: our box fans are capable of exchanging up to 4250m³/h of cool and pure air into a grow room.


Comprehensive kit

Selected for their high quality and ease of use, this is a combination of our customers’ most-loved products. A box fan is a staple in grow rooms of all sizes for providing cool air, and our choice of the Vortex delivers first-class results between 1500 and 4250m³/h. The Mammoth Carbon Filter is a powerful odour remover which outperforms its competitors at almost half the weight. Our combi ducting is a versatile choice for its noise silencing properties, flexibility, and durability in outdoor conditions.


Regulate temperature

Not only will the equipment remove stale air and odours from a grow space, it’s useful in regulating temperature. Plants that fluctuate too wildly between temperatures can become stressed or develop mildew. A clean, reliable air supply is one of the most vital points in keeping plants healthy. Monitor your plants and ensure they stay consistent with a clean, reliable air supply.


Silent operation

With a super-quiet motor encased in MDF wooden panels, the Vortex box fan offers total protection against noise. The carbon filter comes with a sound insulating sleeve included, designed to further muffle any air travelling through. Used together, the products will absorb noise input to an impressive degree and save the headache of a noisy grow space. 


How to use Mammoth Fan Kit?

Cut the aluminium ducting to your desired length. Push it from outside into your grow space, i.e. through a hole in the grow tent.


Hang with bungee cords or your grow tent’s hanging straps.


Use the attached mounting bar to fix the fan to the wall or ceiling of your grow tent with cable ties. Make sure that the intake is facing towards the front of the tent.


Next, attach the aluminium ducting to the other end of your fan.


Slide the metal duct clamps (included) onto the end of the ducting, and secure to the exhaust on the back of the fan. Tighten the clamps with a screwdriver.


Make sure the other end of your ducting is positioned outside of the grow space. If desired, attach the carbon filter to the fan to neutralise odours.


Where to use Mammoth Fan Kit?

This fan kit is recommended for indoor grow spaces which need cooling or extraction, such as grow tents.


The Vortex box fan included comes with an 8m power cable, so you’re free to place the equipment anywhere within your grow room.


Why choose Mammoth Fan Kit?

Together, this kit provides all that’s needed for a failsafe hydroponics setup for growers of any level. It’s a one-stop purchase that will have your grow room up and running in hours! The box fan, carbon filter, and ducting included will maintain the optimum environment for your plants, whilst operating in silence: the best equipment is the kind you forget is there.


  • Mammoth Extraction Fan Kit;
  • Contains Vortex Box Fan; Mammoth Carbon Filter; Combi Ducting and Clamps;
  • Moves and purifies immense quantities of air;
  • Designed for total noise input absorption;
  • Suitable for growers of all levels. 

Mammoth Extraction Kit

PriceFrom £300.00
VAT Included
    • Brand: Mammoth
    • Filter Diameter: 6”
    • Filter Material: Aluminium, RC 48 Carbon 
    • Ducting Length: 5m
    • Ducting Type: Combi
    • Ducting Material: Aluminium, Polyester
    • Fan Material: MDF
    • Fan Diameter: 6”
    • Fan Output: 1500m³/h 
    • Clamp Diameter: 6”
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