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OCD Pocket Spray (30ml)

Bring long-lasting freshness with you on the go. OCD’s two-stage odour elimination process breaks down scent molecules at their sources and replaces them with scented essential oils.


Uses DEO-MAX technology

Indoor growing isn’t always a breath of fresh air! Plant and fertiliser odours build up quickly, especially if you’re working in a smaller grow space such as a tent. OCD’s pioneering DEO-MAX uses over 60 ingredients to target odour molecules in the air and destroy them on contact.


Many standard air fresheners simply cover bad smells and, once the perfume’s dispersed, the odour is immediately a problem again. The OCD range is made from natural essential oils, and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties - so your space smells clean because it actually is.


Easy to transport

These fun-sized 30ml bottles are a perfect, discreet way of freshening areas that require a little extra help. Store one in your grow tent, one in your shed, and another in the bathroom… With 6 scents to choose from, why not try them all?


How to use OCD Pocket Spray?

Just remove the plastic lid and push down to spray - it’s that easy!

Keep out of direct sunlight and away from animals and children.


Where to use OCD Pocket Spray?

The OCD range is suitable for use in any area that needs freshening up!


The Pocket Spray is particularly useful when you’re frequently moving from space to space. Pop in a bag or on a shelf for regular use and clear odours instantly.


To eliminate plant and fertiliser odours, use in your grow room, grow tent, shed, greenhouse, or hydroponic system.


Why choose OCD Pocket Spray?


  • Pocket-sized odour neutralising spray;

  • OCD DEO-MAX technology destroys smells at their source;

  • Made with over 60 odour-destroying compounds;

  • Made with essential oils;

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties;

  • Suitable for use in the home and in offices, toilets, sheds, and grow spaces.



OCD Pocket Sprays Pack of 6

VAT Included
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