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pH Perfect Bloom Tri-Pack Contains The Following :-


Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A&B 500ML

Sensi Bloom is formulated to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means the grower will no longer need pH ups or downs. And they have to do is pour it in.


How to use Sensi Bloom

Sensi Bloom A & B is a two-part base nutrient formula that is simple to use. Simply measure the two parts according to the mixing instructions on the bottle. Because Sensi-Grow/Bloom A&B includes pH Perfect technology, your pH will constantly be maintained at the perfect level for optimal growth.


Advanced Nutrients Big Bud 250ML

When you look at the facts and see the results, you will be able to see that that Big Bud offers a convenient and reliable way to deliver a unique suite of bud potentiator ingredients into flowering plants.


- More Flowers

- Bigger Flowers

- More Potent Flowers

- Flowers with Higher Market Value

- Liquid Formula for Easier Mixing and Absorption.

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom Tri-Pack

VAT Included
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