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Platinum AeroPro 80-24 are the last-born of all our cropping systems. Very compact in terms of height, they can grow 6 to 24 plants, depending on the size of the crop and the culture plates (available in 1, 2 or 4 holes).

Aero version, the AeroPro systems are easy to assemble and use.

They offer unique advantages:


-The Pots are contained in their own tank, so there is no escape.

- Their 80 x 80 x 38.5 cm sized to accommodate a large number of areas, including balconies.

- A large volume of water (50 L) for a large number of plants, provides a significant reserve, and then participates in the regulation of pH.
- A drip and a sprayer 360 per pot to disseminate the nutrient solution gulp of oxygen and distributed throughout the root room.


They allow to get dazzling results: aeroponics increases results in the order of 10-15% compared to hydroponics thanks to the air / water ratio much more important. This growing method accelerates the growth phase of the order by 30%.


Conclusion: In aeroponics, if the proportion of air and water is perfectly balanced, flowers or fruit will be more dense and compact, especially if watering is controlled by cyclic timer to the second (high quality programmers) .

The Hydro version, with clay pellets, ideal for beginners and for professionals.


They are extremely flexible too:

- Each pot can be served individually, allowing each plant watering as needed. They are also removable, it can therefore move easily.

- Expandable, they easily pass from one installation of some pots up to commercial installations of several thousand units.

-We can turn a AeroPro Platinium in HydroPro (and vice versa) in no time.

This flexibility gives it the enormous advantage to adapt to different seasons. The hot days, can work with clay balls filled with pots that protect the roots against mold potential. And move up the speed with AeroPro version once to cool off.

The Aero and Hydro versions are available in standard sizes: 60 x 60 cm, 80 x 80 cm, 100 x 100 cm, 200 x 100 cm. Then, you can accumulate with each other and are designed to accommodate in each pot, 1 to 4 plants.

Easy access, with a removable hatch, and a scale allows you to quickly view the solution level.


Dimensions: 80x80x38.5cm


Pump XtraPump 1.500L / h provided. Irrigation, 5cm baskets, neoprene foams and sprayers included with the system.


Package Contains


6 x Mapitot Pot 30x25x25cm 12L
24 x Hydrocart 5cm
6 x 360° turntile sprayer
1 x Hose clamp 16mm
6 x Platinium Aero Tray for Mapito pot 4 holes
1 x TANK Platinum Modular 80 50L
1 x Platinium Hydroponics - Platinium Modular Access Door
1 x PLATINIUM WATER PUMP 2300L/H PL2300-45 220V/50HZ H. MAX 2.2M


Platinum Aeropro 80 - 24 Plants 80 X 80 X 38.5cm

VAT Included
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