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Don’t let coco drive you nuts. This kit comes with all the products you’ll need to grow in coco from start to finish, as well as a comprehensive feeding chart. 


Try the full range

Growers love coco coir for its fibrous structure, which keeps roots oxygenated and free to grow through the substrate. It’s a superb water holder and makes a constant source of nutrient solution available to your plants. 


The Coco Multipack offers a little of everything for unbeatable growth. The quantities supplied will be enough for 3-4 plants (approx. 1.2m2 floor space) for one entire growing cycle


What does each do?

There’s the obvious Samurai Coco A&B: a staple filled with SHOGUN’s unique ingredients, SmartZen Yield Maximiser and AquaZen Slow Water. It’s designed to stop “false drain”, where nutrient solution runs straight through the substrate without permeating it. Coco is highly absorbent - but water’s flexible molecular structure doesn’t always want to behave. AquaZen Slow Water reconfigures the cellular makeup of your nutrient solution to help coco fully and evenly retain it. 


Begin the vegetative stage with all-important CalMag. You shouldn’t grow in coco without it! The substrate is notorious for leaching minerals and causing deficiencies in your plants, so a supplement like CalMag is crucial. 


Coco’s also naturally deficient in silicon, an element that’s abundant in soil. SHOGUN Silicon supplies this for cement-strong plant structure and enhanced defence systems. 


Katana Roots will give you a rhizosphere to be proud of, elongating and thickening roots in days. 


You can then move onto flowering knowing that you’re in the best stead. Sumo Active Boost packs a punch, increasing sugar content and using triacontaol to explode flower growth. PK Warrior 9 / 18 uses its unique ratio to maximise photosynthesis during this time. As you come towards the end, Dragon Force prompts a plant to use its “life savings” of reserved nutrients for a huge final growth spurt. 


Shogun Coco Multipack

VAT Included
    • Comprehensive coco nutrient pack;

    • Developed by leading biochemists at SHOGUN;

    • Varied benefits from veg to end of life; 

    • Improves plant cell structure, root growth, photosynthesis, flowering, and more;

    • Formulated specially for UK water;

    • Low dilution rate - excellent value for money;

    • Uses unique SmartZen and AquaZen developed by SHOGUN;

    • Covers a full growing cycle for 3-4 plants (1.2m2 footprint). 

    • 1 x Samurai Coco A&B (1L);

    • 1 x Katana Roots (250ml);

    • 1 x Silicon (250ml);

    • 1 x CalMag (250ml);

    • 1 x PK Warrior 9/18 (250ml);

    • 1 x Sumo Active Boost (250ml);

    • 1 x Dragon Force (250ml);

    • 1 x Coco Feed Chart. 

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