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SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Bloom

SHOGUN is the maker of the secret ingredient SmartZen, which boosts yields above other leading nutrients on the market. 


The Hydro Bloom range uses SmartZen to maximise the flowering stage. Pair parts A&B to accelerate photosynthesis and create unbelievable results. 


Designed for flowering

Hydro Bloom supplies plants with the NPK that they need. Its levels of phosphorus and potassium are particularly high, for rapid growth of fruits and flowers and a resilient structure to support them.


For optimum growth all the way through a plant’s life cycle, start with the Hydro Grow range during vegetation and move on to Hydro Bloom during flowering. 


Uses SHOGUN SmartZen Technology

SHOGUN is a team of leading biochemists and innovators. They’ve developed a unique ingredient, SmartZen Maximiser, which is a premium yield booster. Growers can expect an increase in yields of up to 8% compared to standard NPK base nutrients. 


SmartZen works its magic all round: it also increases heat tolerance, making plants more resilient to the conditions around them. It also stabilises the tiny stomata on leaves for efficient transpiration and minimal water loss. 


Formulated separately for hard and soft water 

Hard water and soft water have different properties and require different growing methods. So why use the same nutrient solution?


The harder the water, the higher the pH, and it will likely contain higher levels of calcium and magnesium. 


These are highly important secondary macronutrients - but many nutrient solutions already supplement these, and levels may become too high if paired with a standard soft-water nutrient. 


When you water plants with hard water, calcium carbonate - or scale - can build up on leaves. This may affect a plant’s ability to take in sunlight and drastically hinder photosynthesis. 


This same buildup may also be taking place in the root system, too, limiting plants’ ability to take in nutrients and oxygen from the soil. 


Hydro Bloom HW is specifically designed to combat the challenges of hard water. It lowers the pH and contains less calcium and magnesium than its soft water alternative to prevent the effects of a surplus. 


Soft water is ideal for plants; it’s almost neutral in pH, and doesn’t cause the mineral buildup that hard water does. However, it has lower levels of calcium and magnesium. As these are vital secondary macronutrients, growers must supplement them elsewhere. 


Hydro Bloom SW (B) is precisely designed to suit soft water, working with its benefits and maintaining a gentle pH. 


Water with under 100mg/l is considered soft water, and over 120mg/l is considered hard.

Shogun Samurai Hydro Bloom A&B

PriceFrom £23.00
VAT Included
  • The following schedule involves a 9-week flowering cycle. Growers may add more weeks during mid flowering (weeks 4-5) if necessary. 

    Apply in the blooming stage in the following quantities:


    Weeks 1-3: 3ml/L;

    Week 4: 2-3ml/L;

    Weeks 5-7: 1-2ml/L;

    Week 8: Do not use Hydro Bloom during this week. 

    Final Week: Water only during this week. 


    Do not mix nutrients in their concentrated, undiluted form. Always dilute and mix one at a time, stirring thoroughly in between.

    SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Bloom is a base nutrient - so it’s suitable to use in combination with your usual additives. 


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