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Supernatural Bud Blaster is a master blend of high-quality ingredients that boosts plants in the flowering stage for massive and dense yields. Supernatural Bud Blaster is a leading product, which can be used along with any other nutrients.


Supernatural Bud Blaster

Supernatural Bud Blaster will dramatically increase quality and heavy fruit load, especially during the last two weeks of a plants flowering cycle.


Bud Blaster contains vitamins, minerals and three different superphosphates, one of which is imported as an exclusive ingredient of Bud Blaster. Bud Blaster acts directly on the glandular and resin production of a plant.


Bud Blaster also contains the highest quality food grade vitamin B1 and the growth proliferate allantoin. This combination of pure ingredients ensures rapid absorption by a plant in its most critical, final ripening stage.


How to use Supernatural Bud Blaster

Bud Blaster is to be used during the late-ripening stage during the last two weeks. Bud Blaster can also be used during early flowering at lower concentrations with effective results.


Maximise yields

If users are looking to maximize yields and harvest more weight, then this is the ideal product. Using maximum amounts of phosphorous (P) and extremely high levels of potassium (K), Bud Blaster will live up to its name and maximise yields.


Masterfully crafted using only high-quality ingredients and absolutely no dyes, hormones, nor plant growth regulators (PGR's). Also included is a small amount of nitrogen supplied in the ammonium ion form, which means plants should stay nice and green right up until the end. 


Key Benefits


  • Maintains correct pH, ensuring plant absorption and utilisation.
  • Can be used with all other nutrient lines.
  • Dissolves quickly and easily.
  • Economical.

Supernatural Bud Blaster

PriceFrom £102.00
VAT Included
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