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Trimzilla 18" Warrior Cut Leaf Trimmer that will make light work of big yields of produce. Featuring durable stainless steel design, a powerful motor and precision cutting blades.


Trimzilla 18" Warrior Cut Leaf Trimmer


The Trimzilla 18" Warrior Cut Leaf Trimmer is built to work hard. Using fill and spill technology operation is made very simple - as users are able to drop produce into the top of the unit. It is then processed and trimmed using the 1.3 mm stainless steel grate which allows debris and offcuts to pass through, which dramatically reduces the waste.


Featuring unique and beneficial ventilation and debris recovery systems - offcuts and debris are processed and collected via the bottom chamber into the debris recovery system until your desired optimal quality is reached.


Key Features


  • Fill and Spill technology.
  • Precision 415 mm cutting blade.
  • Powerful & reliable Electric motor.
  • 1.3 mm thick stainless steel for the whole trimmer.
  • 1.3 mm thick 304 stainless steel for the corner, top and blade.
  • Saves hours on trimming.
  • Perfect for bigger yields.
  • Steel construction.
  • Easy clean and maintain.

Trimzilla 18" Warrior Cut Leaf Trimmer

VAT Included
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